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What is Core Drilling?

Core drilling is the process of drilling circular holes through walls and floors and other hard building surfaces.

Core drilling is also refered to as Concrete Core Drilling or Diamond Core Drilling.

Typical drilling applications:
• Pathways for conduits, piping, electrical or fiber optic cabling
• Holes for plumbing/heating pipes
• Holes for air-conditioning and air vents
• Corner holes for window openings
• Access holes for services
• Stitch drilling
• Angular drilling
• Stanchion holes for handrails
• Downpipe & overflow holes
• and More!

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We Can Drill Through Anything!

Quality and precision Core Drilling service:

Diamond Core Drilling:
Similar to a hole saw, we can remove a cylinder of material from concrete, brick or any other hard surface.

A quick, clean and effective solution.

Can be applied at any angle.

Wall Sawing:
Operating on a track, the system allows for precise cutting of any hard material, such as concrete.

Cutting is possible at any angle and to a depth of 50cm.

It is ideal for work in occupied buildings or sensitive work environments.

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Experience Expert Service!

Exceptional service as you would expect!

Our core drilling machines can drill holes through concrete, reinforced concrete, bricks, paving, asphalt, rock, and more.

Standard from 25mm to 500mm wide, and up to 2m deep, but can do bigger drills on request.

Whether Commercial, Industrial or Residential, we can do the job!

We deliver to the following industries:
- Paving
- Plumbing
- Electical
- Air Conditioning
- Residentail
- Commercial and Industrial
- Construction / Demolition
- and More!

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